April 21, 2021 2XU Brick Training Series | Brent McMahon

Beginning April 19, join the 2XU Brick Training Series. An epic 6-week event with top 2XU Pro Triathletes riding and running their favourite workouts throughout Zwift. What makes these workouts their favourite? Find out as they dish the details in exclusive interviews on the PowerUp Tri Podcast! This week, we are joined by Canadian Pro Brent McMahon.


Tune into the latest episode each Wednesday and have a live Q&A ride or run session with top pro triathletes like Brent McMahon, Sarah Crowley, Terenzo Bozzone, and Cam Brown. Or join a recast ride every Saturday, where you can zone in the workout with the podcast. Stream the PowerUp Tri podcast on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen.