This week we were lucky enough to score a sit down with the freshly minted Canadian Marathon record holder, Malindi Elmore. You might ask why we'd have a runner on the show, but Malindi raced as a pro triathlete after 2 decades of running on the track, inclusive of an Olympic appearance and some National Championships, only to go back to dominate the Marathon in just her 2nd attempt. We talk all things marathon and what she learned from triathlon to make her a better runner!

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Episode 21 - Skye Moench on Goal Setting

January 15, 2020

This week we've got Skye Moench joining us and we're talking goal setting. As a new pro athlete Skye had a breakthrough season this year with several wins including the Eurpoean Ironman Championship in Frankfurt. With a recent bike crash Skye shares with us how she's learned more about goal setting in her recovery on her journey back to the top!