Heather and Trevor Wurtele have been a force in triathlon over the last decade. Recently, the power couple announced their retirement. What’s it like leaving something that’s been such a driving force in your life? How do you know when it’s time to move on? In Episode 20, they drop by the studio to answer these questions and chat about their next move as well recent tri happenings.

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Episode 19 - Dan Plews on Heat Adaptation

December 9, 2019

Say hello to Dan Plews, the architect of Zwift Academy Tri’s training plan. A physiologist, sport scientist, and researcher, Dan is a top-level triathlon coach as well as the fastest ever age group athlete at Kona. He’s all about low carbs, high fats, and heart rate variability. In Episode 19, he drops into the studio to chat about heat adaptation as well as some of his favorite workouts in the program and the "why" behind them.