When it comes to life as a pro athlete, performance is only half the battle. To truly reach the next level, you need to know the business of sports. In this episode, we bring in an expert on the matter: 9x winner of Ironman Switzerland, Ronnie Schildknecht. He dives into and corrects misconceptions about how athletes make their living. Beyond that, we also chat about news regarding aerodynamic effects of drafting riders and motos

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Episode 17 - Dede Griesbauer on Longevity in Endurance Sports

November 5, 2019

Have you noticed that many elite endurance athletes are getting fitter and faster as they get older? Some are peaking in their late 40s.  Multi-time Ironman champ and Kona top 10 finisher, Dede Griesbauer, sat down to chat with us about this recent phenomenon. With an athletic career that will reach its 4th decade this January, Dede has some great insights. Lots of recent race news, too, as well as Jordan's quick take on CBD and its place in triathlon in this episode.