Episode 15 brings recent Kona qualifier and Zwift Academy Tri mentor, Sarah True, in for a chat. We take this opportunity to talk about an often overlooked yet important topic: depression in endurance athletes. We dive right in and speculate on why depression seems to be so common in athletes as well as our advice for dealing with it. Sarah also offers a quick update on the Zwift Academy Tri team with Kona just around the corner. In the tech corner, Jordan gives us the rundown on the hotly debated E-Bike racing scene.

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70.3 World Championship Special Episode

September 10, 2019

Jordan and Matt get together to share their thoughts and observations from the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Nice. Both the men's and women's races had some breakthrough performances as well as some surprises on this super challenging course. Did the pre-race favorites produce? Were there any Kona implications from race day? And Jordan checks in on steering on Zwift and the new Yorkshire course.